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About Fraud Management in Siebel Energy

The fraud management process involves fraud alerts, warnings that a fraud may have been committed, which are generated by the fraud management system from an analysis of usage details.

A fraud alert can also be generated by a breach of a fraud threshold. A fraud threshold is a value which, when exceeded, produces a fraud alert.

The back-office system issues a fraud alert by placing the customer on a fraud list, a list of customer accounts that are suspected of or confirmed for fraud. The back-office system may generate multiple lists, classified by categories in descending order of the likelihood of fraud.

A back-office fraud management system usually has a front-office component, which is used to manage customer interactions related to fraud. Siebel Energy functions as the front-office application for managing fraud. Your company's back-office fraud management systems send fraud lists to Siebel Energy for follow-up. Customer service representatives (CSRs) go through the lists and contact the customers to check if they used the services that are the cause of the fraud alerts.

Fraud alerts indicate what type of fraud may have occurred. For example, Exceeds Threshold is a fraud alert type that indicates that a predefined limit has been exceeded.

To help you resolve cases of suspected or obvious fraud, Siebel Energy allows you to view fraud lists, fraud alerts, fraud-related background information about accounts, and the history of fraud-related activities for an account.

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