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Scenario for Fraud Management in Siebel Energy (End User)

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by a customer service representative (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A CSR is responsible for handling fraud issues for your residential customers. A customer has a contract for residential electric and gas services.

Your fraud management system finds that the meter readings at the customer's location show typical gas usage but no electricity usage. Such a pattern may mean a problem with the electric meter, a theft of energy, or a gas leak in an unoccupied residence. The fraud management system generates a fraud alert for the customer's account, with the fraud level set to Suspected, fraud type set to Theft, and fraud event set to No Electric Usage. The fraud message is forwarded to Siebel Energy. Through integration with the third-party system, the fraud data is sent to the CSR's Siebel application, and the account is flagged as fraudulent. The Siebel application creates a fraud alert and fraud alert details and updates the customer account with the fraud level.

Siebel Energy has been configured to generate an activity to contact the customer. The fraud alert appears in the customer service supervisor's queue by default, and the supervisor assigns the fraud alert to the CSR, who examines the fraud alert. The CSR also checks for any other fraud alerts raised against the account in the last 12 months to see if it has a history of fraud. This turns out to be the first fraud alert against the account.

The CSR looks up contact information for the customer's account in Siebel Energy and telephones the customer, intending to ask if the premises are occupied. The person who answers the phone is hesitant and claims that the premises are "infrequently" occupied. The CSR suspects that this is a case of electricity theft. The CSR updates the fraud alert's status and attaches appropriate comments.

Siebel Energy transmits this information to the fraud management system. The CSR's fraud management department then starts its formal investigation and dispatches a field service agent to the premise location.

Figure 17 shows a possible sequence for managing fraud.

Figure 17.  Example of Sequence for Fraud Management
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