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Dispatching and Performing Well Service Jobs (End User)

When the Service Request or Order record is completed, the Siebel application generates the activities that workers must perform to do this job, as described in Creating Well Service Jobs (End User). The Activity records are linked to the well where the work will be performed.

The dispatcher schedules these activities on the dispatch board, assigning the activities to specific time slots for specific workers.

After the dispatcher schedules the job, members of the crew can see the new activities assigned to them in the My Activities view. The crew looks at the Well record associated with the job to locate the well. Then the crew accepts the job and drives to the well.

When it arrives at the well, the crew updates the status of the Activity record to indicate that work has started. As the crew performs the work, employees examine the appropriate safety steps on the activity record.

When the job is complete, the crew updates the status of the Activity record to indicate that the work is completed. Then, the crew generates an invoice for the customer at the well site. The invoice includes information about the operator, the operator address, the work performed, and the equipment installed at the well. The customer examines and approves the invoice.

For more information, see the sections on scheduling, dispatching, and invoices in Siebel Field Service Guide.

Entering Information about Readings

If the crew must perform well tests for the job, they enter the results in the Readings view of the Well screen.

To enter the results of readings

  1. Navigate to the Wells screen.
  2. In the Well list, select the well.
  3. Click the Readings view tab.
  4. In the Readings list:
    1. Select the appropriate measurement type for the reading.
    2. Click New to create a new Readings record.
    3. Enter the actual reading in the Reading field and comments as needed in the Comment field.
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