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Creating Well Service Jobs (End User)

When a customer calls with a new job for a well, a dispatcher creates a new service request record representing the job and new Order record, representing the work ticket. Depending on your business model, you may create one or both of these records.

The job and work ticket both include information about the well to work on. Line items are added to the work ticket for items such as the equipment used for the job (trucks, rigs, and so on) and rentals such as tools or frac tanks. These line items link back to the various equipment assets and employees, so that the yard manager can easily see which jobs and work tickets have been performed by a particular piece of equipment or crew.

For more information about creating service requests, see Siebel Field Service Guide.

For more information about creating orders, see Siebel Field Service Guide and Siebel Order Management Guide.

To create a well service job

  1. Navigate to the Wells screen.
  2. In the Well list, select the well that the work will be done on.
  3. Create the service request representing the job:
    1. Click the Service Request view tab.
    2. Add a new Service Request record and complete the necessary fields.
    3. Click the SR# field of the new service request.

      The Service Request screen appears.

    4. In the Service Request screen, fill out additional details of the Service Request, as necessary.
  4. Create the activities for the service request:
    1. Click the Activity Plan view tab.
    2. In the Activity Plan view, click New.
    3. Choose an activity plan template.
    4. Click the Activity view tab to see the new activities.
    5. To immediately dispatch this activity, click the hyperlink on the activity status to go to the dispatch board and schedule the activity.
  5. If necessary, create the Order representing the work ticket:
    1. In the Service Request screen, click the Orders view tab.
    2. Add a new record to the Orders list and complete the necessary fields.
    3. Click the Order#.

      The Orders screen appears.

    4. In the Orders screen, enter additional details about the order, including line items representing equipment and rentals.
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