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Creating Preventive Maintenance Plans for Oil Wells

A yard manager may work with a customer to set up preventive maintenance plans for their wells using the Preventive Maintenance view of the Wells screen, so that oil field service activities such as salt water hauls can be scheduled at periodic intervals.

After you set up a preventive maintenance plan, service requests and activities will be generated automatically when it is time for your employees to perform preventive maintenance services.

To create a preventive maintenance plan for a well, you must:

  • Set up the preventive maintenance plan. One plan can be used for one or more wells.
  • Associate the preventive maintenance plan with the well.

For more information about setting up preventive maintenance plans, see the section about preventive maintenance in Siebel Field Service Guide.

To associate a preventive maintenance plan with a well

  1. Navigate to the Wells screen.
  2. In the Well list, click the Asset/Well # field of the well you want to associate the plan with.
  3. Click the Preventive Maintenance view tab.
  4. In the Preventive Maintenance view, in the link bar, click Plans.
  5. In the Plans list, add a new record and select the preventive maintenance plan for this well.
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