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Scenario for Opportunities in Siebel Energy

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by a sales representative (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

While attending a trade show, a sales representative meets the director of a small company, who expresses interest in purchasing several products from the sales representative's company. She asks the prospective customer to complete a form and assures him that she will be in contact with specific product pricing.

Back at her office, the sales representative creates a new account and enters contact information in Siebel Energy. Then she creates a new opportunity and associates it with this new account.

As part of the opportunity description, she indicates the probability for the sale, estimates the potential revenue for the sale, and designates the stage of the sale.

Next she associates products with the opportunity and specifies product information, such as the product type, quantity, and pricing.

To evaluate some preliminary quotes for the prospective customer, she creates several quotes. For products containing subproducts, she selects the top-level product name to ensure proper revenue calculations. She also reviews setup fees and recurring fees for the products.

She calls the prospective customer to set up a meeting to go over her quotes. During that conversation, she determines that he might also be interested in another product that her company offers. She updates the product information and notices that the additional product triggered an overall discount generated by the rules established through Siebel Energy.

The prospective customer also mentions that his company is expanding to an additional location. The sales representative enters that location as a related site for the same opportunity.

After confirming the meeting for the next day, she hangs up and continues her preparations for the meeting. While doing so, it occurs to her that another customer might be able to take advantage of the same discount. She enters that customer account as a partner for the opportunity.

Figure 12 summarizes the sequence an end user might use with opportunities in Siebel Energy:

Figure 12.  Example of Sequence for Opportunities
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