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Scenario for Premises in Siebel Energy

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by a distribution network planner, field service engineer, field service operations manager, and customer service representative (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A new commercial facility is under construction, and the distribution company has developed plans to connect the facility to the network. Before the facility is actually connected, the distribution network planner creates a premise record for it in Siebel Energy and attaches two electronic files to the premise record. One file is the blueprint for the connection, and the other is a technical specification document.

A week later, field service engineers complete the connection of the new facility to the network and install a meter base (service point). The field service operations manager then enters network hookup information into Siebel Energy. To track this information, the manager first creates a service point record for the installed meter base and associates it with the premise.

Because the city must inspect all newly installed meter bases, the field service operations manager adds a record for that activity and associates it with the premise. After the inspection is completed, a field service technician installs the meter.

A record for the meter, which is a serialized product whose Type is defined as "Meter," was previously entered into Siebel Energy. The field service operations manager next enters additional information about the meter by associating a note with the premise record. In addition, the manager associates an electronic file, which contains the hookup wiring schematic, with the premise.

A few weeks later, the occupant of the new facility moves in and calls to report that the meter is not working properly. The CSR who answers the call reviews information about the meter in Siebel Energy, including the date it was installed, its current status, and the date when it was last tested. He sees that the meter was only recently installed and has never been tested, and he records the problem by creating a service request.

In response to the creation of a service request, a field service engineer is dispatched to the facility and replaces the meter. In Siebel Energy, he records the date on which the old meter was removed and creates a record for the new meter that he installs. The new record includes the address of the premise and the service point with which the meter is associated.

Figure 9 shows the sequence of procedures that might be used to set up a commercial premise.

Figure 9.  Example of Sequence for Initial Setup of a Commercial Premise
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Figure 10 shows the sequence of procedures that might be used to maintain a commercial premise.

Figure 10.  Example of Task Sequence for Maintenance of a Commercial Premise
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