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Price Comparison in Siebel Energy

This chapter describes the basic concepts behind the Price Comparison feature available in Siebel Energy. It also provides some business scenarios that illustrate the sequence of tasks users might perform with the new feature. In addition, the chapter explains procedures for setting up rate plans, generating annual costs for those plans, and viewing costs comparing competitors' rates with in-house rates.

Administrators, such as pricing managers or call center administrators, will benefit from reading this chapter. Pricing managers will learn how to set up rate plans and run reports. Other administrators or managers will see how customer service representatives (end users) use the Price Comparison feature. After becoming familiar with the end-user procedures, administrators and configurators can customize the software to fit their company's needs.

For further information about setting up products, price lists, and ordering, see these guides:

  • Product Administration Guide
  • Pricing Administration Guide
  • Siebel Order Management Guide
  • Siebel Order Management Guide Addendum for Industry Applications

For technical information on the background logic of the price comparison functionality, see Technical Reference for the Price Comparison Feature.

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