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About Price Comparison in Siebel Energy

The Price Comparison feature available in Siebel Energy determines the annual cost for services, such as gas or electricity, to existing or prospective customers. It then compares the existing cost against the internal rates that reside in the Siebel database and provides comparative quotes to the customer. After reviewing the quotes, customers can enroll for the service your company offers.

This list provides an overview of the steps involved with the Price Comparison feature:

  1. The Price Comparison feature is accessed in one of these methods:
    • From a Web site, a customer or prospective customer requests a list of comparative rates for services. The entry point is through Siebel eSales.
    • A customer service representative (CSR) creates an opportunity in Siebel Energy and selects the Price Comparison feature.
  2. A SmartScript session begins to collect customers' answers to a series of questions regarding their current services and rates.
  3. At the end of the SmartScript session, the Price Comparison feature converts this customer-provided information into an annual cost.

    The annual cost is used to determine the customer's usage based on the competitor's rate plan information. For a more detailed explanation, see Technical Reference for the Price Comparison Feature.

  4. The Price Comparison feature finds in-house rate plans that match the attributes of the competitor's rate plan.
  5. The Price Comparison feature calculates the projected annual cost for each matching rate plan based on the usage from Step 3 and displays the quotes.
  6. If the CSR is running the Price Comparison feature, the CSR can choose to mail, email or fax a copy of the displayed quotes to the prospect.
  7. The customer selects a rate plan and begins the enrollment process.
  8. The next step depends on which application was used to begin the price comparison process:
    • If the process began through Siebel eSales, new customers must log in and register. Customers who already have products in their shopping cart can add the rate plan to their shopping cart.
    • If the process began through Siebel Energy, the CSR provides the necessary account information for new customers. For accounts already associated with the opportunity, the information is automatically filled in.
  9. The typical order workflows occurs to provision the order.

The Price Comparison feature calls workflows, methods, and processes, which form the background logic for the feature. For detailed information on the business services and workflows involved, see Technical Reference for the Price Comparison Feature.

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