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Key Features of Siebel Energy

Table 2 describes how Siebel Energy provides solutions for key business issues.

Table 2.  Siebel Energy Solutions for Key Business Issues
Business Issue
Siebel Energy Solutions

Account and Premises management

  • Management of accounts through multilevel account hierarchies based on complex account relationships
  • Independent management of service accounts and billing accounts
  • Tracking of physical facilities and network delivery points through premise records
  • Tracking of meters at service points
  • Management of account and customer information through profiles

Agreement management

  • Automated production of agreements from accepted quotes
  • Coordination of pricing information
  • Assigning of standard terms, conditions, and features
  • Tracking to make sure that agreements and service entitlements are fulfilled

Audit trail

  • Creation of a history of all the changes that have been made to various kinds of information
  • Records show who has accessed an item, what operation has been performed, when it was performed, and how the value was changed
  • Useful for maintaining security, examining the history of a particular record, and documenting modifications for future analysis and record-keeping

Billing management

  • Integration with back-office billing systems
  • Query and display of billing information
  • Management of payment information, payment plans, bill adjustments, and bill profiles

Call center optimization

  • Single desktop to manage multiple types of customer interactions
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) to connect callers with the most qualified agent
  • Integrated Web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service functionality

Credit management

  • Integration with a back-office credit system
  • Management of credit alerts
  • Notification of customers who are delinquent in payments

Customer acquisition

  • Analytical tools for segmenting prospects and developing targeted campaigns
  • Campaign management tools for developing and executing multichannel campaigns
  • Prebuilt performance analysis tools
  • Call scripting (providing text that uses proactive selling and retention techniques for employees to use when speaking with customers)
  • Territory assignment, lead scoring, and routing

Customer and partner applications

  • Siebel Partner Relationship Management, which allows your company to turn channel partners into an extended, virtual sales and service organization through the Internet
  • Siebel eService, which allows your customers to create and track their own trouble tickets and service requests, and to search for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), through the Internet
  • Siebel eSales, which allows your customers to use the Internet to browse though your company's products and services, and to configure and purchase them

Customer retention

  • Customer profile that is shared throughout the enterprise
  • Profile analysis to predict customer churn
  • Generation of win-back actions
  • Sales tools that increase sales effectiveness and maximize time spent building relationships
  • Tools for marketing analysis, campaign development, and execution

Equipment and infrastructure

  • Management of physical assets available at a customer site
  • Tracking of equipment sales to accounts
  • Management of meters and assets

Fraud management

  • Integration with a back-office fraud management system
  • Management of fraud alerts
  • Definition of relevant thresholds for customer fraud profiles
  • Classification of customer accounts to indicate the likelihood of fraud
  • Management of customer accounts that are either late in settlement or delinquent

Order configuration and management

  • Siebel Configurator automates the generation of quotes and sales orders
  • Tracking of relationships between sales, sales orders, and work orders
  • Definition of process rules and automatic escalation of open sales orders
  • Use of product classes and attributes, and product bundles in generating sales orders
  • Provisioning of sales orders through work orders

Pricing management

  • A set of tools for defining pricing adjustments and the conditions under which they should be applied
  • An engine that evaluates condition statements and determines which pricing adjustments to apply
  • A testing area that allows assessment of the pricing adjustments
  • Integration with end-user interfaces such as Quotes, Orders, Siebel eSales, Siebel Partner Relationship Management, and Siebel eConfigurator

Siebel Marketing

  • Analysis of customer information and measurement of campaign results with eIntelligence
  • Creation and execution of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Internet marketing with eMarketing: Integrated email campaigns, customized Web offers, personalized Web pages, Internet newsletters, and Internet surveys

Third-party and legacy integration

  • Prebuilt COM and CORBA interfaces to leading Operating System Software (OSS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
  • Integration mapping tools for cross-application process integration
  • Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM), which allows bidirectional data exchange and synchronization
  • Performing credit verification and address validation
  • Maintenance of billing accounts through an external billing system

Trouble ticket and service request management

  • Single platform for logging, assigning, managing, and resolving customers' problems, including network problems or outages affecting customers
  • Online solutions search capability
  • Proactive customer notifications through email, pager, fax, and Internet
  • Automatic escalation of overdue trouble tickets and service requests
  • Integration with external outage management systems

Upselling and cross-selling

  • Scripting engine that identifies upsell and cross-sell opportunities with every customer contact
  • Product configuration system that prompts the salesperson to propose high-margin services
  • Integrated asset management system that provides information about configuration at each service location

Usage, billing, and service detail

  • Access to customer usage and service information
  • Summary customer data for account analysis
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