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Creating and Updating an Address Profile in Siebel Energy (End User)

End users can enter addresses without tight restrictions on formatting. However, when provisioning services, tighter formatting restrictions may be required by a back-office system.

To guarantee proper formatting, the address needs to be validated against a back-office data source. In Siebel eBusiness Applications, Address Profiles allow multiple formats of one address to be stored. The MSAG (master street address guide) format is available with the shipped product, but other formats can be added using Siebel Tools. When setting up additional formats, use the MSAG Profile as an example.

Obtaining the proper address format is important in performing several key business processes:

  • Validating service addresses or mailing addresses against an external standard to guarantee a unique location for finding facilities, activating services, or mailing materials through the Postal Service.
  • Determining the existing services and service provider at the address.

Each address profile format requires an external data source for validation. Your company can either own the data outright or subscribe to a service that provides the data.

After validating an address, end users might need to change some address fields. To edit those fields, end users must revalidate the address, as described in this section.

To validate an address

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen.
  2. In the Accounts list, click the name of the account.
  3. Click the Address Profile view tab.

    The Address list appears with the MSAG Profile form beneath it. The Address list shows all the addresses associated with the account.

  4. In the Address list, select the address you want to validate.
  5. Scroll down to the MSAG Profile form, add a record, and complete the necessary information.
  6. In the Validated field select Y.

    If the address validation is integrated with an external data source, selecting Y begins a search for possible addresses.

    NOTE:  This behavior differs from the default behavior of the shipped product, which supports manual address validation. In the manual state, selecting Y marks the MSAG Profile as validated.

  7. In the dialog box containing addresses, select the address that matches the customer's address.

    After the address has been validated, the MSAG profile becomes read-only with the exception of the Access Instruction and Descriptive Location fields. To update the profile, the user must revalidate the address.

To revalidate an address

  • Follow the procedure for validating an address (To validate an address), but click the ReValidate button after Step 4 before continuing with the procedure.
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