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About Profiles in Siebel Energy

A profile stores information required to perform a business function. For example, a billing profile contains the information needed to invoice the customer for products and services.

Profile Types

Table 6 describes the account profiles available within Siebel Energy.

Table 6.  Account Profiles

Address Profile and MSAG Profile

Allows for validation of an address against a master street address guide (MSAG) data source or other external database. You can also use the MSAG Profile as an example for creating other profiles relevant to your company.

Billing Profile

Captures the bill run characteristics needed to invoice the customer for products and services. It is generally associated with a billing account. An account has one billing profile that can be used in multiple billing systems to produce a bill for the account.

Customer Profile

Contains information about an account when the customer is an organization rather than a residential account. Much of the profile information can be added automatically if your company imports this data into Siebel Energy from its billing software or customer information system.

Energy Exemption Profile

Provides information about the special status of a customer, such as if the customer has life support, is a senior citizen, or has a credit problem.

Energy Statement Profile

Records billing statement preferences, including number of copies, media, contact requesting the statement, as well as energy supplier and aggregator information.

Financial Profile

Contains information used to perform a credit check on the customer.

Fraud Profile

Contains information about the fraud status of an account. It allows end users to set fraud thresholds that, when exceeded, trigger a fraud alert.

Loyalty Profile

Contains information needed to predict customer churn, estimate debt risk, and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. When integrated with a third-party predictive modeling package, it displays scores generated by that software.

Site Profile

Contains detailed information about an account's location.

NOTE:  The order management module no longer uses the Service Profile view. If you used the Service Profile view in the 6.x or earlier versions of Siebel Energy, you want to use the new MSAG Profile view instead.

Profile Roles and Responsibilities

Table 7 lists the employees who generally perform the procedures related to profiles.

Table 7.  End-User Roles and Responsibilities

Customer Service Representative

  • Focuses on call center activities, primarily responding to customer inquiries and sales order requests
  • Understands account hierarchies, including the required key information for a profile
  • Creates profiles for new customers, modifies and adds profiles for existing customers

Sales Representative

  • Focuses on outside sales and customer relationship management
  • Understands account hierarchies, including the required information for profiles
  • Creates profiles for new customers, modifies and adds profiles for existing customers
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