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About Billing Profiles in Siebel Energy

End users create a billing profile to invoice the customer for products and services. A billing profile contains such information as billing frequency, payment type, bill media, bill type, and the customer's email address for sending a bill electronically. This information can be submitted to a back-office system, which may be the master repository for this information.

A billing profile is generally associated with a billing account and may represent the legally binding agreement between the customer and the service provider. It reflects information from an external billing system.

Some fields in the Billing Profile form are described in Table 8.

Table 8.  Billing Profile Fields

Budget Billing

Indicates if you require budget billing collection.

Email Bill To

Email address to which the customer bill can be sent electronically.

External Billing Account #

Populated when Siebel Energy executes a preconfigured call to the back-office system, requesting an account number. The account number generated by the billing system serves as the billing system's primary reference for the life of the account.

Payment Method

Payment method selection determines additional fields to update.

To add payment method information to a billing profile

  • Depending on the payment method, add further information or update existing information:
    • For Automatic Debit, Check, or Monthly Statement, enter information in the Automatic Debit form.
    • For Credit, enter information in the Credit Card Payment form.

      Some fields are described in the following table.



      Card category of the payment card, such as Debit, Procurement, or Credit card.


      Indicates if a card is blocked. This is determined when you run the credit card through a check using an external system.

      Block Reason

      Reason that a payment card is blocked. This block only applies to one particular payment card. If the client has several payment cards, another card can still be used.

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