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Work Orders in Siebel Energy

The Work Orders module in Siebel Energy helps service providers to manage the components needed to activate a service for a customer. A work order is an action item that must be completed to implement an order. When an order is submitted, the back-office order processing system divides it into one or more work orders, based upon criteria, such as service provider or due dates. A work order has most of the components found in a standard order, but it deals specifically with those items that are required for the provisioning process.

By creating and tracking work orders separately, you can access the status of a sales order. This is important because work orders are executed by back-office systems. Tracking the status of an order gives you up-to-date access to the information related to the order and can therefore convey it to a customer at any time, either through inbound contact or through outbound workflow-initiated activities.

The Energy Work Orders module works in conjunction with the Energy Order Processing module. It uses much of the work conducted during the order process and provides screens that allow you to manage work orders.

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