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Scenario for Work Orders in Siebel Energy

This scenario shows a sequence of procedures performed by a customer service representative (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A customer service representative (CSR) for an energy service provider takes an order for a new small commercial customer, requiring electric service, gas service, and a facility submetering service. The order created by the CSR includes three line items, one for each service. The CSR provides a quote to the customer, who accepts it and asks that the order be placed.

In the Order Summary view, the CSR submits the order to the back-office systems. The energy service provider must notify the distribution companies for electric and gas services, so submitting the order creates work orders for these services. In this case, the order is separated into three separate work orders, which are then submitted to the various providers for activation:

  • Electric service—provided by the electric distribution company
  • Gas service—provided by the gas distribution company
  • Submetering service—provided by an outsource partner

The customer calls back a week later to see if her account has been switched over. A different CSR takes the call and is able to search the account to find any open orders. When the CSR finds the appropriate order, he drills into the hyperlink to find the work orders associated with the order. Although the electric and gas services have been switched, he sees that the submetering work order is still open due to a backlog in the appropriate meters. From the associated notes and activities, he is able to tell the customer that the new submetering service should be installed within the next three days.

Figure 14 shows the sequence of procedures that an end user might follow to manage work orders.

Figure 14.  Example of Sequence for Work Orders
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