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Scenario for Assets in Siebel Energy

This scenario is an example of a sequence performed by a customer service representative (end user). Your company may follow a different sequence according to its business requirements.

A CSR processes an order for an energy service, which creates an asset for the root service and each component. The customer also orders a backup system, for which the CSR creates an asset. The CSR associates the backup system asset with the customer's service as a related asset.

At a later time, the customer calls to report a product failure. Noticing that the service has components, the CSR views their details to identify the failed component.

The CSR reviews the history of services for the asset and sees nothing out of the ordinary. The CSR creates a service request for the problem and associates it with the asset component.

A few weeks later, the customer calls again with a suggestion for improving the service. The CSR enters a change request and associates it with the customer's asset.

For another customer, the billing system shows an exception (usage data beyond the normal range). The field service representative drives out to the premise. He determines that the meter has malfunctioned and captures the meter reading in Siebel Energy.

Figure 11 summarizes the sequence an end user might use to manage asset information in Siebel Energy:

Figure 11.  Example of Sequence for Assets
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