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Registering One or More Attendees

In Siebel Events Management, you can build lists of attendees and register all of the contacts on the list. This feature is available for event plans and events, but not for sessions. This capability is particularly useful when the same group of attendees needs to be registered for multiple events of an event plan.

Registering a List of Attendees for an Event

The list of attendees that you register is built from within the Event Plans or Events screen, as a part of the attendee registration process.

The following procedure describes how to register a list of attendees.

To register an attendee list for an event

  1. Navigate to the Site Map > Events > Event view.
  2. In the Events list, select and drill down on the Event Name.
  3. Click the Participants view tab, and then click Registration.
  4. In the Registration list, click Add List.
  5. In the Add Attendee List dialog box, select a list or create a new record, and then click OK.
  6. Click Register All to invite the attendees.

    After the list is registered, you can view the registered attendees using the Participants view tab.

Creating Attendee Lists

You can send out invitations to attendees who came to a specific event or session, or invite specific types of attendees to an event. For example, you might want to invite registered C-level executives to a special private event. You can create lists of attendees for this purpose, to be used for registration in other events. Creating an attendee list is different from creating a list of contacts, because you are working with a subset of attendees within a specific event or session.

When the list is created, note that the default format for the list name is "[Event or Session Name]-[Date][Time]". The name of the list can be changed.

To create a list of attendees

  1. Navigate to the appropriate view:
    • For events, navigate to the Site Map > Events > Event > Attendees view.
    • For sessions, navigate to the Site Map > Events > Sessions > Attendees view.
  2. (Optional) Query for the attendees by the criteria you want to search on, that is Status=Confirmed or Job Title=C.
  3. In the Attendees list, select one or more attendees.
  4. Click Create New List.

    A message confirms that the list has been saved.

  5. Specify the name of the list.

Registering an Attendee

There are two ways a potential attendee can be registered to attend an event:

  • Self-registration. The potential attendee can use a standard Web browser to visit the Siebel Events Web site and register for an event listed there. For more information on registering for an event, see End-User Procedures for Self-Registering for an Event.
  • Registration by an administrator. A member of your own company can use administrative screens to register the potential attendee for an event. For more information on registering an attendee for an event or session, see Registering an Attendee for an Event.

Although self-registration through the Events Web site home page is recommended over registration by an administrator, there may be times when it is convenient for an employee of the presenting organization to register an attendee for an event or a session, rather than requiring the attendee to self-register. This option is particularly useful for registration at events that allow registration at the door, because employees with access to administration screens can register walk-in attendees upon their arrival.

Self-registration is preferred because it uses LDAP security systems and authenticates a user's username and password. Registration from administrative screens may require site-specific steps to create matching user accounts for both your Siebel application and the security system.

NOTE:  Not all event attendees must be customers or clients of your company. If you wish to track the attendance of event staff, speakers, personnel from partner organizations, and so on, you may do so by registering them as attendees.

Registering an Attendee for an Event

The following procedure describes how you can register an attendee for an event or session directly from the administrative screens. Attendees who are registered for events and sessions are automatically registered for their parent events.

NOTE:  Attendees must be registered for an event before they can register for a session.

If an attendee registers for an event prior to the attendee's account being registered for the event, the account is automatically registered for the event plan and for the event. The event registration status is set to Restricted Invite.

Siebel Events automatically adds attendees who are not in the system as contacts to the contacts table after the you complete the following registration procedure.

To register an attendee for an event

  1. Navigate to the Site Map > Events > Event view.
  2. In the Event Name list, select and drill down on the event for which you want to register an attendee.
  3. Click the Participants view tab, and then click Registration.
  4. In the Registration list, create a new attendee record.
    • When a contact record is added in the registration list, its status is blank. The administrator can decide whether to invite the contact.
    • If the event does not have a registration fee, and if there is space available, the value of the Registration Status should be Confirmed.
    • If the registration status is automatically set to Waitlisted, then all seats are taken for the event or session. If you want, you can continue registering additional attendees, but they are placed on the waiting list.
    • If there is a fee for attending the event or session, and if there are seats available, the registration status is Pending until the fee payment is submitted in Step 5.
    • After an account or contact is registered, it disappears from the Registration tab. The record is transferred to the Attendees or All Attendees view, as appropriate. There is no data loss.
  5. If this is a fee-based event, to step through the Shopping Cart and complete the purchase transaction with a credit card, click Finish.

    NOTE:  The Finish button is available only if there is a fee.

    For Financial-services customers, the following table describes some fields in the Registration list.


    Attendee Type

    A general category representing the type of attendee. Typical values include Standard, Attendee, Premium, VIP, Guest, Staff-Internal, Staff-External, Staff-VIP, Speaker, and Speaker-VIP.



    A text field for noting how this attendee is grouped with others. For example, one could group attendees by table number for a mealtime event with fixed seating.


    The autogenerated date and time when the registration record is created. This field is not displayed by default in the Registration list, but can be added using the Columns Displayed menu command.

    Registration #

    A unique, read-only, alphanumeric code that is autogenerated for the current registration.

    Registration Status

    The status of the potential attendee's registration. By default, available values include Invited, Pending, Confirmed, and so on. When this setting has a value of Invited, the event appears in the invitee's My Invitations list on the Web site.


    The following table describes some typical Registration Status values.



    Indicates that the potential attendee actually attended the event plan, event, or session. Enter this value only after attendance has occurred.


    Indicates that the potential attendee reversed their previous acceptance before the cancellation deadline.


    Indicates the participant completed the registration process.


    Causes the event to appear in the invitee's My Invitations list on the Web site.


    Indicates the potential attendee was confirmed for the event, but did not attend the event.


    Indicates the potential attendee has been invited but has not yet responded to the invitation.


    Indicates the attendee was not confirmed prior to the event, but did attend the event.

Registering Previously Invited Attendees to an Event

An event may have one or more previously invited attendees, that need to be either confirmed or canceled as part of the registration process. Attendees can self-register for an event that they are invited to, or an administrator can manually confirm their registration.

To confirm or cancel the registration of a previously invited attendee

  1. Navigate to the Site Map > Events > Event view.
  2. In the Events list, select and drill down on the event.
  3. Click the Participant view tab, and then click Attendees.
  4. In the Attendees list, click Query.
  5. In the Registration Status field, selected Invited, and click Enter.

    NOTE:  This field shows Attendees who were previously invited.

  6. Select the desired Attendee.
  7. Click Confirm Registration or Cancel Registration to confirm or cancel this attendee's registration.

    NOTE:  The Attendee's registration status changes accordingly. If this is a fee-based event, the Shopping Cart appears when you select Confirm Registration.

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