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About Command Center

The command center allows you to launch a process, perform a task, or jump to a view. Command center actions are preconfigured by your system administrator in accordance with your company's business process requirements. For example, if the financial services agents at your company often need to jump to the financial accounts view for a contact, you could configure the command center to perform this action, saving them time and keystrokes. See Command Center Configuration and Administration for information on how to configure the command center.

Out of the box, the command center is only available from the Summary views on the Contacts and Companies screens.

Command Center Interface Types

There are two interface types for the command center:

  • Action form
  • Command line

Figure 1 shows the action form, a menu-driven interface guiding the end user through preconfigured choices in order to launch an action. The command line requires the end user enter specific command line syntax to launch the action.

Figure 1. Command Center Action Form
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