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About Managing Access Exceptions

This chapter describes the procedures necessary to set up and create access exceptions for literature in Siebel Finance. An access exception is an instance in which a contact, investor, or list that has purchased a basic level of service or research is provided with a premium level. Organizations generally provide different levels of service to their customers and therefore expect to generate different amounts of business based on the level of service purchased. For example, Premium customers receive higher levels of service for higher fees, and Basic customers receive lower levels of service for lower fees.

Premium levels of service could include access to premium pieces of research literature and invitations to premium events. On occasion, Basic customers are given Premium services to entice them to sign up for the Premium level. In these instances, executives do not want to stop relationship managers from sending premium pieces of literature to the basic customers or from inviting them to premium events. However, the managers want to record every instance as an access exception so that they can review all the premium services received by the basic level customers, and follow up with them to persuade those customers to sign up for the premium level of service.

Use these procedures to perform the administrator tasks of setting up:

  • An access level for an existing piece of literature or a list, using the Administration - Business Process screen to monitor and generate access exceptions.
  • A workflow policy for literature or distribution lists.

End users use these procedures to add an access exception, set access levels for contacts, investors, or distribution lists, and view access exception charts.

For more information about creating and managing literature, see Applications Administration Guide.

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