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Scenario for Analyzing Access Exceptions

This scenario is an example of a workflow performed by a financial institution's investment bankers or sales representatives. Your company may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

A relationship manager at an institutional brokerage firm receives a phone call from a customer who is a non-premium contact. The contact requests the latest piece of research, which happens to be premium research that has been published by the relationship manager's brokerage firm. The relationship manager uses Siebel Finance to email this piece of literature to the customer.

When the literature is sent, a workflow created by the Siebel administrator automatically creates an Access Exception, allowing the relationship manager to track every time that premium literature has been sent to this particular contact.

Account managers can analyze access exception information at regular intervals to determine which customers are causing the most access exceptions, and try to persuade these customers to sign up for a higher level of service. Because access exceptions are tracked by employee as well as by customer, account managers can also monitor which employees are generating the most access exceptions and make sure that premium research distribution is properly executed.

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