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Configuring Virtual Business Components User Properties

For each of the virtual business components driven by XML Gateway business service, you need to configure these user properties in Siebel Tools:

  • Service Name. The name of the business service.
  • Service Parameters. Any parameters required by the business service (Optional). The Siebel application passes this user property, as an input argument, to the business service only when the application is attempting to load or initialize the business service.

To configure virtual business components user properties

  1. In Siebel Tools, lock the appropriate project.
  2. In the Object Explorer, click the Business Component folder to expand the hierarchical tree.
  3. Select each of the following business components and define its user properties:
    • FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Class
    • FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Sector
    • FINS IBD Household Cash Flow
    • FINS IBD Household Performance
    • FINS IBD Holding External VBC
  4. In the Object Explorer, click the Business Component User Prop folder.

    The Business Component User Properties list appears.

  5. Choose Edit New Record to create a new blank user property record.
  6. In the Service Name field, enter XML Gateway.
  7. In the Service Parameters field, enter the following:

    Transport=EAI HTTP Transport; HTTPRequestMethod=POST; XMLCharEncoding=UTF-16; HTTPRequestURLTemplate=http://machine name/virtual directory name/active server page file

NOTE:  Business component user properties are case sensitive.

For more information on XML Gateway business service, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

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