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Setting Up Household Financial Accounts Virtual Business Components

Siebel Finance includes virtual business components. Use these virtual business components to display financial account related data sourced from a back office or a third party system for specific financial accounts views within the Households screen. These views include FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Class, FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Sector, FINS IBD Household Cash Flow, FINS IBD Household Performance, and FINS IBD Holding External. For more information on using these views, see Viewing and Evaluating Household Portfolios.

In Siebel Finance, the term virtual business components refers to external data obtained from a location other than a database table in a Siebel database, and presented in a standard Siebel user interface. Typically, information is pulled real-time from an external database, such as a Hogan or ALLTEL system.

These virtual business components are driven by the Siebel XML Gateway business service, which communicates between Siebel Finance and an external data source using XML. You can configure the XML Gateway business service using the EAI HTTP Transport.

For more information on virtual business components, see Using Siebel Tools. For more information on XML Gateway business service, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

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