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Verifying the Run-Time Event Data for Auto Application

For new Siebel Finance 7.7 and higher installations, Auto Application is configured to automatically invoke the DTU business service through seed data run-time events and action sets. There are no additional steps you need to take to activate the function.

However, if you have upgraded from a previous version before 7.7 and you want to use the DTU invocation method, you should:

  1. Verify the seed data run-time events and action sets.
  2. Remove the Auto Application workflow.

To confirm you have the Siebel Finance 7.7 and higher seed data

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events > Action Sets.
  2. Query for Action Sets named:

    FINS DTU Auto

  3. Select each record returned, and verify in the Actions list that only one action named DTU is listed.

    If any additional actions are listed, deactivate them by deselecting the Active checkbox.

  4. Select the Events view link.
  5. In the Events list, query for Subevents named:


  6. Check that the Action Set Name for each record returned is as shown in the following figure; make any adjustments as necessary.
  7. Refresh the run-time event by selecting Reload Runtime Events from the Events menu.

To deactivate the auto application workflow

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Business Process screen > Workflow Deployment view.
  2. In the Active Workflow Processes list, query for a workflow named:

    Auto Application Workflow

  3. If your query returns an active workflow, deactivate it using the Active Workflow Processes menu item Deactivate Process.
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