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Upgrade Notes to Continue Using Customized Version of Auto Application Workflow

If you wish to continue to use your customized version of Auto Application workflow, you need to modify the actions in the actions sets to route the actions to the workflow.

To route actions to the Auto Application workflow

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events screen > Events List view.
  2. In the Events list, query for Subevents named:


  3. Delete the three run-time event records as shown in Step 6 in To confirm you have the Siebel Finance 7.7 and higher seed data.
  4. Upgrade the workflow and activate it.

    See Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide for details.

  5. Check the run-time events by following Step 4 through Step 6 in To confirm you have the Siebel Finance 7.7 and higher seed data.

    The action set names are not necessarily the same as described. They might be called something like Workflow XXX. Drill down into each action set.

  6. For each action set, there should be one action item that invokes the Auto Application workflow you just activated. Define the action as shown in the following table.

    Action Type


    Business Service Name

    Workflow Process Manager

    Business Service Method



    "ProcessId", "42-4PVA1"

    The actual workflow process ID may be different.

  7. If there are other items in the action list, deactivate them.
  8. Refresh the run-time events by selecting Reload Runtime Events from the Events menu.
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