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Adding Business Details

End users use the Business Details view to track detailed information about a business applying for a small business loan. Siebel Finance automatically populates some of the information in this view from Companies Profile view tab. In addition to the business profile information, users use this view to capture financial information such as income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

To add small business details

  1. Navigate to the Applications screen > Applications List.
  2. In the Applications list, drill down on an application.
  3. Click the Business Detail view tab.
  4. From the Business Detail link list, select the following subviews, and complete the necessary fields:
    • Business Profile. Records the business name, phone numbers, and addresses.
    • Assets. Captures company asset information, including cash, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, and depreciation values.
    • Liabilities. Records company liabilities such as accounts payable, long term debt, noncurrent debt, capital stock, and retained earnings and treasury.
    • Income Statement. Captures income information such net sales, cost of goods sold, other income, expenses, interest, depreciation, taxes, dividends, and adjustments.
    • Cash Flow. Records cash flow statements based on customer balance sheet and income statement information.
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