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Creating Small Business Loan Applications (End User)

To create a small business loan application, end users need to record the following customer information:

  • Business Details. Records the business name, address, and contact information as well as asset information, liabilities, income statements, and cash flow. For more information, see Adding Business Details.
  • Applicant Information. Captures personal information about the primary, secondary, and principle loan applicants. For more information, see Adding Applicant and Guarantor Information.
  • Guarantor and Applicant Employment Details. Captures loan guarantor information and applicant employment, income, assets, and liabilities information. For more information, see Adding Consumer Detail Information.
  • Unique Product Features and Terms. Records unique loan features or terms. For more information, see Recording Unique Features and Terms.
  • Business Services. Manages business service information for an application. For more information, see Managing Business Services Information.

NOTE:  Typically, users would click the Next button to move between views and enter this customer information. To create an application view navigation, a Siebel administrator would need to create a view workflow that follows the views described in this section. For more information, see Navigating Applications Using the Next Button and Setting Up Application View Navigation.

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