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Logging Business Rules Processor Debug Messages

BRP provides different levels of execution logging in the form of trace files to facilitate debugging a process. Currently, there are two levels of BRP logging. These levels are detailed in Table 25:

Table 25. BRP Levels of Execution Logging
BRP Implementation



Log the execution and initialization path of the BRP process without details.



Log execution details.

Under this level of logging, the values of local and global properties are logged as a part of the assignment statements.

TIP:   To check the value of a variable, use a dummy assignment step.

The BRP log level is set with the environment parameter SIEBEL_FACAP_LOG_EVENTS.

BRP logging is written to the Siebel object manager log file. In order to enable BRP logging, the Siebel log level must also be informational or higher. For a mobile client, set the workstation system environment parameter SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS = 3.

The SIEBEL_LOG_EVENTS can be set from Server Administration. Refer to Siebel System Administration Guide for more information.

In BRP logs, each local property is appended with its procedure name. For example, if a local property was defined as local_dMyIncome in Procedure Main, within the log file, this property would be identified as Main@local_dMyIncome.

CAUTION:  BRP log files can grow quickly. In general, the logs should be enabled only for administrators to do debugging.

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