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Caching VBC Configuration

Base the VBC on the CSSFABCVRec class. Table 10 lists the user properties VBC uses for its configuration.

Table 10. User Properties for VBC Configuration
User Property Name
Valid Names

Enable Caching

Yes or No

Yes enables the caching of records retrieved by the VBC.

No disables caching.

Outgoing Integration Object Name

An integration object name

Name of the integration object to be passed to the business service.


A workflow process

Name of the workflow process to be passed to the business service.

Service Name

A business service

Name of the business service to be invoked when the VBC is executed.

You must also configure the fields for your business component. No other scripting is necessary to invoke the service or the workflow.

The VBC uses a special field called Vid. This field is an internally generated unique identifier. It is not necessary to create this field in your VBC. However, if you do create this field in your VBC, do not modify this value. Considered this field as a system field.

You can create link specifications between parent business components and this VBC, and between this VBC and any child VBC. Any field can be used as a link specification.

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