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About Company Hierarchies

A company hierarchy is a group of companies that are organized by parent-child relationships. Siebel Industry Applications support displaying these company relationships in a hierarchical tree.

The hierarchical tree is a visual representation of company hierarchy data that allows end users to view the relationships between companies. By viewing a company roll-up, users can see aggregated company information, including contacts, coverage teams, activities, and opportunities.

When end users have access to a company, they can review the hierarchical structure for that company, its child divisions, and the contacts that work there. Company hierarchies are displayed in five subviews of the Companies screen—Relationship Hierarchy view, Activity Roll-up, Contact Roll-up, Opportunity Roll-up, and Coverage Team Roll-up.

Depending on your configuration, a company that does not have a parent-child relationship with another company may not appear in the roll-up views.

For more information on company hierarchies, see Generating Company Hierarchies for Data Aggregation and Viewing Company Hierarchies in Roll-Up Views (End User).

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