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Scenario for Managing Company Information

This scenario features sample tasks performed by a sales representative, investment banker, and research analyst in the securities or banking industries. Your company may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

In this scenario, end users are the sales representatives who manage company information. They enter information to:

  • Add new companies to the database and create company assessments
  • Associate applications and service requests with a company
  • Manage company coverage teams
  • View company summary information
  • View relationships in a graphical manner

Sales Representative Tracks Company Information

A sales representative uses the Companies screen to capture and manage profile information about her business customer, such as contacts, organizational structure, management, and financial information. In addition to viewing market statistics and D&B reports. Using Siebel Finance, she can capture and track information about a company's:

  • Relationship with her organization, such as the coverage team, contract terms, sales and service information
  • Preferred delivery channels, at both summary and detailed levels

She can also view details of competitors and create and access marketing and sales presentations.

The sales representative can create a new company record or view and modify information about existing companies. For example, if the sales representative is preparing for a sales call, she can use the Companies screen to answer the following questions:

  • What business is this company in?
  • Who are the executives I should be calling on?
  • What is this company's financial profile?
  • What financial accounts and products does the company already own?
  • What types of service issues has the company had?

Investment Banker and Research Analyst Analyze Research Literature to Send to Client

An investment banker for a sell-side institutional firm is reviewing one of her accounts to decide what research literature she should send to her client. The client's profile suggests a conservative stance and includes significant cash on hand. The investment banker decides to send some literature about various secured fixed-income instruments. The banker creates a service request for the literature distribution and assigns it to a research analyst at her firm.

The research analyst receives a service request to send literature to a client. The analyst determines the literature to send to the client. He then creates a new email, attaches the required literature, and sends it to the client.

In this scenario, users are bankers and research analysts. They enter information in Siebel Finance to:

  • Add new investors
  • Display an investor organizational chart
  • Add investor holdings
  • Add coverage team members and track coverage roles
  • Display a list of transactions or holdings by investor
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