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About Managing Products and Pricing

In Siebel Finance, products are the physical goods and services that a financial institution offers to its customers. Only those with the required administrative responsibilities, such as Siebel administrators, can set up and create new products.

The Products screen provides a collection of views to supply service representatives, sales agents, and managers with product information in an organized format. Managing product information and pricing structures requires setting up and maintaining products, product lines, product features, and price lists.

Use these procedures to perform the administrator tasks of setting up product and pricing information in Siebel Finance. End users use the Products screen to view product information.

The Products screen and associated views that appear in Siebel Finance share much of the functionality found in Siebel Business Applications. This chapter focuses mainly on the products functionality that is unique to Siebel Finance. For more information on creating and administering products, see Product Administration Guide and Applications Administration Guide.

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