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Scenario for Managing Products and Pricing

These scenarios feature sample tasks performed by a Siebel administrator and a customer service representative. Your company may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

In this scenario, end users are the customer service representatives who answer customer calls. They use the Products screen to:

  • View lists of products
  • Obtain information about each product, which includes the product line, products code, rates, fees, key features and benefits, and description
  • Compare products by feature
  • View literature about a product
  • View and create news items associated with a product

The Siebel administrator is responsible for administering Siebel Finance and requires administrative responsibilities to:

  • Create a new product line
  • Define a new product
  • Set product fees, rates, and conditions

Administrator Defines New Products

An administrator sets up a new product line in Siebel Finance by:

  1. Creating the new product line and then defining products.
  2. Creating regions and associating those regions with each product.
  3. Defining application workflows, product scores, fees, rates and conditions, and financial attributes.

Customer Service Representative Views Product Information

A customer service representative receives a call from a customer inquiring about the company's products. He navigates to the Product Details view to review product information such as key features, a product image, and other product details.

As a customer service representative talks with the customer, he learns that she is interested in a Gold Visa credit card. The representative describes the product's features and benefits, such as an increased credit limit and free insurance on goods purchased with the card. The customer also expresses interest in features the service representative knows are available in another product. Immediately, he provides the customer a feature-by-feature comparison of the two products and quotes prices from the price list. He can check for the latest news updates on the product, such as an anticipated rate change, and convey this information to the customer. After the call ends, the service representative follows up with the customer by sending her more detailed information, such as the Consumer Disclosure Statement, through the mail.

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