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About Managing Service Requests

A service request in Siebel Finance acts as a container for a customer request or an account service. Entering a service request in Siebel Finance can create an extract file. You can use the extract file to transmit data to legacy systems.

CAUTION:  This chapter assumes you have renamed Siebel Account objects to Companies. By default, Siebel Finance installs using the term Accounts. For more information on renaming Siebel Account objects, see Upgrade Guide.

Administrators use these procedures to change a company address, contact address, or contact name. End users use the Service Requests screen to view and update existing requests and create new requests. Based on the requirements of the individual making a request, users can create service requests for companies or customers. After identifying the caller and understanding the nature of the request, the agent takes action to complete the request. Service Requests provide status and substatus information about the request, which closes the loop of the customer service process.

You can save time and reduce keystrokes by using a workflow to automate steps that are repeatedly performed by end users. For example, you can use a workflow to handle all exception processing at a financial institution. If an exception is generated by a call center or a relationship manager, you can route this exception automatically to the administrator for handling. For more information, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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