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Scenarios for Managing Service Requests

These scenarios feature sample tasks performed by a financial institution's call center agents, relationship managers, and application administrators. Your organization may follow a different workflow according to its business requirements.

Call Center Agent Creates a Service Request

A customer calls a financial institution's call center and is routed to a call center agent. As the call center agent is talking with the customer, she finds out that the customer wants to get a copy of a specific account statement for one of his accounts. The call center agent talks with the customer and gets his first name and last name. The agent also authenticates the customer with information such as his social security number or his mother's maiden name. After authenticating the caller, the call center agent creates the appropriate service request.

Relationship Manager Creates a Service Request

Siebel Finance allows financial institutions' relationship managers to have an overall view of every aspect of their relationship with the customer. This scenario illustrates how a relationship manager can assist a customer to address any type of customer concern.

A customer calls his relationship manager regarding some issues with his account. The relationship manager gets his first and last name. The customer has indicated that he has a number of issues that need to be resolved with the account. The customer requests that the relationship manager review the status of each request and enter a new request. After authenticating the customer, the relationship manager reviews the existing service requests with the customer and updates the necessary information in the service requests.

Application Administrator Changes a Company Name

A client notifies her bank that her company name is changing. The organization allows only Siebel administrators to make name changes in Siebel Finance. The organization's policy states that the representative taking the request should submit a service request for a name change. In addition, the appropriate person may need to get permissions or signatures from the client's company to send to the Siebel administrator in order to confirm this change. The submitted service request could be automatically sent to the Siebel administrator using a business service set up by the institution. The administrator then determines whether the name change is approved and updates either Siebel Finance or another computer system that feeds data to Siebel Finance.

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