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About Revenue Classes and Revenue Types

An opportunity, account, project, or campaign can be related to many different kinds of revenue at the same time. For instance, an opportunity might have a Booked revenue amount which is realized when the opportunity is closed, and that same opportunity might have Billed revenue amounts as services are provided to a customer over time.

The Revenue Class and Revenue Type fields allow users to categorize their revenues for grouping, sorting, and summarization purposes. By default, the Revenue Class field includes values like 1-Pipeline, 2-Upside, 3-Expected, 4-Committed, and 5-Closed. The Revenue Type field includes values like Booked, Billed, Shipped, Projected, Quota, and Actual.

CAUTION:  Inspect the values in the Revenue Type and Revenue Class fields before rolling out Siebel Sales and avoid changing these lists of values after users have begun using Siebel Sales, as data integrity issues may result. If you must change these values after Siebel Sales is deployed, be sure to clean up the revenue records in the database that refer to the obsolete values.

For more information about setting up lists of values, see the chapter that discusses working with lists of values in Applications Administration Guide.

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