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Adding Forecast Series Participants

The Forecast Series Participants view lists the employees who will participate in the forecast series. The participant determines:

  • Whether an employee can create a forecast within a given series
  • The list of individuals for whom an auto-forecast is created when a manager creates a forecast

Although the Forecast Series Participants view appears person-based, it is actually position-based. As employees move from one job to another, Siebel Forecasting maintains the correct participant links.

To add participants to a forecast series

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Forecast screen > Forecast Administration view.
  2. In the Forecast Series list, select a forecast series.
  3. Click the Forecast Series Participants view tab and add a new record.
  4. In the Add Participants dialog box, select participants, and then click OK.

    The new participants are added to the Forecast Series Participants list.

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