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Reviewing and Editing a Parameter Migration Script

This task provides information on reviewing and editing a parameter migration script, which is created as a result of an execution of the cfgmerge utility. This utility compares the differences between two environments.

Reviewing and editing a migration script is a task in the Process for Migrating Parameters Between Environments.

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To review and edit a parameter migration script

  1. Locate the parameter migration script specified by a cfgmerge utility execution.

    The migration script has an extension of CMD, and the default location of the script—that is, if no folder path is specified—is the same folder as the cfgmerge utility.

  2. Open the parameter migration script with a text editor.
  3. Review the results of the comparison analysis, and make edits to the migration script as appropriate by deleting or adding preceding semi-colons, which activate and deactivate commands respectively.
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