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About Parameter Migration Scripts

A parameter migration script results after an execution of the cfgmerge utility, which compares parameter differences between applications. Migration scripts have the extension CMD and are named as part of the command to run the cfgmerge utility, see Running Environment Comparison for further details on this task.

The resulting parameter migration script is composed of the following information:

  • List of the source and target parameter values if they are different.
  • Messages and recommend actions.
  • Server Manager command-line interface (srvrmgr) commands to change the target environment's parameter values to match the source environment's value.
  • Commented out srvrmgr commands (with a preceding semi-colon) if the utility recommends not to synchronize the values with the source environment.

You must open, review, and edit the migration script prior to running the script. For information on this task, see Reviewing and Editing a Parameter Migration Script.

Parameter migration scripts can act as a documentation record for an environment's configurations. The migration script files can be reused or reviewed for historical comparisons at a later date.

An example portion of a parameter migration script follows:

; Component definition SCCObjMgr_enu


; Parameter Actuate Server Report Server Host (ActuateReportServerHost)

; Value on source system: acttest_winxp

; Value on target system: actprod_hpux

; Recommended action: retain target value

; To apply value from source configuration, enable the next line

; change param ActuateReportServerHost=actprod_winxp for compdef SCCObjMgr_enu


; Parameter DB Multiplex - Min Number of Shared DB Connections (MinSharedDbConns)

; Value on source system: 10

; No value set on target system:

; Recommended action: apply value from source

; To keep the target configuration unchanged, comment out the next line

change param MinSharedDbConns=10 for compdef SCCObjMgr_enu


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