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Running a Parameter Migration Script

This task provides information on running a parameter migration script created as a result of an execution of the cfgmerge utility. Running a migration script is a task in the Process for Migrating Parameters Between Environments. For background information on this process, see About Migrating Parameters Between Environments.

Run the parameter migration script using the following procedure and the Server Manager command-line interface program. For background information on the Server Manager command-line interface, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

Make sure to review and edit the migration script before running. For information on this task, see Reviewing and Editing a Parameter Migration Script.

NOTE:  As a best practice, run the parameter migration script at times of low usage of the Siebel application.

Running the parameter migration script

  1. Copy and save the reviewed and edited migration script in an accessible location for the Server Manager command-line interface program (srvrmgr) accessing the target application; that is, the application receiving the parameter update.
  2. Log in to the srvrmgr program and set the program at either the enterprise or Siebel Server level depending on whether the migration script updates enterprise or Siebel Server parameters. For details on these srvrmgr commands, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  Make sure server components planned for parameter updates are enabled on the appropriate Siebel Server.

  3. Run the migration script using the read command at the srvrmgr command prompt, which inputs commands from the script to the srvrmgr program.

    For example:

    srvrmgr>read Migration_Parameter_Script.cmd

    (You can also run the migration script when logging into the srvrmgr program by specifying the i switch and file name with the other login parameters.)

  4. Check to make sure the parameters have successfully updated in the target application.

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