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Troubleshooting ADM Migration

This section provides guidelines for resolving Application Deployment Manager (ADM) problems.

To resolve the problem, look for it in the list of Symptoms/Error messages in Table 5.

Table 5. Resolving Application Deployment Manager Migration Problems
Symptom/Error Message
Diagnostic Steps/Cause

Log file error: No change update is in effect.

  • Siebel Server components are not synchronized.
  • Workflow Management (Workflow) component group disabled or off-line.
  • Synchronize Siebel Server components.
  • Enable or online the Workflow Management (Workflow) component group.

For a description of these tasks, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

On some objects, errors are seen during deployment. Error depends on the object and the operation at that time (insert or update).

Users used in deployment must hold a position.

Add users to a position. For a description of this task, see Security Guide for Siebel Business Applications.

The value for the field Last Updated By does not match the user who is used during deployment

If deploying in asynchronous mode (default), the system fields on the target system (Created By, Last Updated By) will point to the user running the Server Request Broker (SRBroker) component and NOT the User ID that was entered on the source system.


Cannot connect to target.

  • Errors in the EAI configuration file.
  • No UDADeploy subsystem.
  • Confirm entry in eai.cfg: UDADeploy = UDADeploy (under [HTTP Services])
  • Confirm UDADeploy Subsystem under Enterprise Profile. For information on the Enterprise Profile, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

Cannot deploy sessions using Server Manager command-line interface (srvrmgr program).

  • Command-line syntax errors.
  • Different User IDs used to create sessions and run srvrmgr program.
  • Make sure command-line syntax is correct. For information on using the srvrmgr program, See Siebel System Administration Guide. User creating session must be the same user running srvrmgr program session.

GUI error message:

The characters: '<?>' that are being inserted into column '<?>', are not compatible with the Server Database Charset. (SBL-DBC-00110).

Codepage different between the source system and target system.

Change the codepage on the source or target database. The source must be compatible with the target.

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