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Working with Undeposited Payments in Consumer Goods Handheld

From the Deposit screen, sales representatives can see a list of undeposited payments collected during the business day. From this screen, they can select payment records and generate an actual Deposit, creating a link between payment and deposit.

To display undeposited payments

  1. Navigate to the Deposits screen.
  2. The Deposit detail view displays all undeposited payments, indicating payment type, such as Cash, as well as amount, pay date, method and so on.

To deposit undeposited payments

  1. From the Deposits screen, select each undeposited payment record in the detail view.
    1. To select individual items, tap in the Select field of each desired record.
    2. To select all items, tap the Select All button.
    3. To deselect all items in the detail list, tap the Deselect All button.
  2. Tap the New button in the Deposit screen, the enter the required information, such as the destination bank name, routing number, and so on.
  3. Tap the Deposit button to record the Deposit.

    The Deposit Payments view appears.

  4. Tap Print to print the record.
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