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Reconciling Inventory Using Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld

Delivering products, taking returns, and exchanging products with other representatives all impact the van inventory. Periodically during the day, van sales representatives can check to be sure that the inventory properly reflects all these changes.

To see the inventory reconciliation

  1. Navigate to the Inventory screen.
  2. Choose Reconciliation from the Show drop-down list.

    The Inventory Reconciliation screen displays a summary inventory status for all products. The table displays quantities including starting quantity, current on-hand quantity, sales orders, returned goods, transfers, adjustments, and the variance.

  3. Verify that the variance for each product is 0 (zero).

    If the Variance field is not zero, the value should be equal to the value in the Adjustments field, representing the adjustment made at the beginning of the day.

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