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Setting Up a Van Inventory for Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld

Consumer goods organizations may collect orders and deliver products using a number of processes, including the following:

  • A presales representative may capture an order one day that is then delivered the next day by a delivery representative.
  • A van sales representative may capture an order and fulfill that order on site, as well as take orders that may be fulfilled at a later date.

In the case of van sales, sales representatives are provided with a van filled with goods to be sold that day or week. Each delivery van is viewed as a mobile warehouse.

Set up each van as a separate inventory location. To do this, you must complete some preliminary steps. First, create a product in the Siebel database to represent a van, then set up each van as an asset. Next, create an inventory location and associate it with the asset.

Setting up inventory locations allows organizations to manage and track assets and inventory more effectively. Inventory product details help van sales representatives manage their own inventory as they conduct their daily activities.

To set up a van inventory, complete each of the following procedures in the order shown:

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