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Creating an Inventory Location for a Van

Once you have set up your van as an asset and set up a measurement for the van, you are now ready to create an inventory location for the van. This associates a position and an asset with a particular van.

To create an inventory location for a van

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Inventory Location Management.
  2. In the Inventory Locations list, add a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table.



    The name of the van (for example, Van #20)


    Type of inventory location (for example, Trunk)


    The asset number of the van. Pick an asset record from the Asset pop-up list.


    Click the Select button, then chose from the position type in the Pick Position pop-up list.


    Chose ownership type from the drop-down list. For instance, 3rd Party, Customer, or Owned.

    Owner Company

    If the owner is external, click the Select button, then chose the owner company from the Pick External Organization pop-up list.


    Enter a description in the text box.

    Asset Number

    An automatically-populated field based on the Asset record choice.

    NOTE:  It is recommended that you associate only one position to each van and only one van to each position. For example, the position Van Sales Representative for San Francisco is assigned to Van #20, whose asset number is 12-34567. Each sales representative can be primary to only one position.

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