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Supported Business Components for SiebelConsumer Goods Handheld

Table 36 lists the supported business components for Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld.

Table 36. Supported Consumer Goods Handheld Business Components
Supported Business Components


Account Note

Account Private Note


Asset Mgmt - Asset

CG FS Activity Parts Movement

CG Inventory Location

CG MerchLoc Product

CG Retail Product


CPG Account Credit Memo

CPG Account Merchandising Product

CPG HH Inventory Location CE

CPG Route Account

CPG Routes

CPG Store Conditions in Retail Audit

CPG Tax List

CS HH Deposits

CS HH FS Payments

CUT Address

Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting Execution

FS Asset Measurement Characteristics

FS Asset Reading

FS Bucket

FS Inventory Location

FS Invoice

FS Invoice Line Items

FS Invoice Line Item Details

FS InvLoc Product

FS Invoice Payments

FS Picklist Product

FS Product Inventory Category

FS Rollup Bucket Picklist

In Store Activity

In Store Visit

Internal Product

Order Entry - Line Items

Order Entry - Orders

Price List

Retail Audit Product

Retail Outlet Best Call Time

Sales Assessment

Sales Assessment Attributes

Sales Assessment Template

Sales Assessment Value

Service Agreement

SIS Document ID Number CE

SIS Document Type

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