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Printing with the Siebel Handheld Application

You may print from any view in the Siebel Handheld application that has been configured to support printing. When you print from the handheld, a document that has been configured for the view is printed. You can print directly to a printer, or, if you are not connected to a printer at the time, you can queue your print jobs and wait until you have access to a printer to print your documents.

NOTE:  When you print from a view, you are not necessarily printing what is visible on the screen at the time. Every field on the screen may not be relevant for the document. The document may contain only a portion of what is in the view, and it may also contain data that is not viewable at the time. A separate applet, which often cannot be viewed in the user interface, is configured specifically for printing.

The print templates used to generate the printed are installed during the time of setup.

For a list of supported printers, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Siebel SupportWeb.

Print from the Siebel Handheld application by choosing File > Print. If you are connected to a printer, the print job runs. If you are not connected to a printer, the print job is sent to a print queue. View the print queue by choosing File > Print Queue.

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