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Exporting Data with the Siebel Handheld Application

You may export data from any view in your application in HTML format or as tab delimited text and save it to a file. This file can be viewed in applications such as Microsoft Pocket Word, Microsoft Pocket Excel, and Internet Explorer.

To export data, select File > Export to open the Export dialog box.

In the Export dialog box, you may specify the following:

  • Format. Specify either HTML or Tab delimited text file.
  • Export. Select Only active applet to export only the data in the active applet. Select All applets in view to export the data in all visible applets.
  • Output file name. By default, the file is saved in the temp directory with the filename "output." You may tap Browse to specify a different location or filename.
  • Paste Output to Clipboard. Select the checkbox to save the data to the clipboard.
  • Open file. Select the checkbox to automatically open the file. When you tap OK in the Export dialog box, the data is exported to the specified file, and the file is automatically opened.

    NOTE:  You must specify a valid output format for the application. See Table 28 for the correct formats to specify for the supported applications.

Table 28. Export Data Options
To export data to
Do the following

Microsoft Word

Set Format to "Tab delimited text file."

Microsoft Excel

Select the "And paste output to clipboard" check box. The Output format may be set either to HTML or "Tab delimited text file." Paste the data from the clipboard into an Excel spreadsheet.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Set Format to HTML.

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