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Enabling Signature Capture

Enabling signature capture requires implementing the required supporting field and column definitions, adding a signature control to the applet and, if required, configuring an applet button through which the signature capture dialogue box can be invoked. A field can be configured as a signature control in any list or form applet. Multiple signature controls can be added to a single applet. Once captured, signatures are converted to an ASCII encoding data and stored with the Siebel database as ASCII text.

When enabling Signature Capture, the following basic configuration is required:

  • The Business Component field mapped to the signature control should be of Type DTYPE_NOTE
  • The underlying Table Column on which the Business Component field is based on Physical Type LONG
  • The Applet Control should have a Control User Property called "Signature" with a value "Y". The Control's HTML Type property should be set to "Field"

NOTE:  The Applet Control by default does not redisplay the signature data if there is data in the underlying business component field. In this case, you will see the field as read only and will not be able to see the signature that was captured. To redisplay signatures, add another Control User Property called "Show Data" with a value "Y". With this additional configuration, the control is still read-only, but you will be able to see the signature that was captured. For a full list of User Properties available for configuring signature capture, see Signature Capture Applet Control User Properties.

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