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Invoking Signature Capture Dialogue Box and Display

There are two ways to invoke the Signature Capture dialogue box or Signature Display. By default, the basic configuration specified in the Enabling Signature Capture section allows you to invoke the signature capture dialogue box or display a signature using the (...) ellipses button.

You may also use the following basic configuration to invoke the Signature Capture dialogue box or display with the Applet Signature button.

  • Create a new Control with properties HTML Type = MiniButton, Method Invoked = StartSignature
  • Add a Control User Property to the MiniButton control to indicate the signature field in the business component (for example, the field that is being used to store signature in the business component on which the applet is based).

For examples, see Configuring Signature Capture in Activities More Info View in Siebel Handheld and Adding a Signature Capture Button in Siebel Tools.

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