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Administering Barcode Settings for Siebel Handheld

Siebel Handheld can scan and parse data from HIBC and UCC/EAN barcodes. Siebel Administrators can set up Siebel Handheld to scan and parse any one-dimensional barcode and render the corresponding data in an applet. For example, if a control in a list applet is enabled for barcode scanning and the barcode scanned is valid, the handheld application will parse the barcode, create a new record, and fill in the field with parsed data. In form applets, after the user scans an item, the data representing the item automatically populates the barcode-enabled field. In order to do this, Siebel Administrators must define the barcodes and how data will be parsed from these barcodes in the Barcode Administration view.

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